Tidy Cloud AWS #48 - Thoughtworks Technology Radar


Erik Lundevall-Zara


May 2, 2023

Hello all!

Welcome to the next issue of the Tidy Cloud AWS newsletter! In this issue, we focus mainly on the newest Technology Radar from Thoughtworks.


Technology Radar, volume 28

The Thoughtworks Technology Radar is a recurring report that looks at different tools, technologies, platforms, languages & frameworks. The report provides information about teams in the Thoughtworks organisation has been using, and what they have considered working or not working. Thoughtworks is a large and well-established consultancy company, and they have earned a good amount of respect for their work.

They evaluate several items in each of the four major areas and in these give an evaluation of Adopt, Trial, Assess, and Hold. Both Adopt and Trial are good enough that organisations should use them. Assess is for items that may be worth monitoring, but not start using, unless there is a very fitting use case. For Hold it is typically established items, but which Thoughtworks have had unsatisfactory experiences with, or which they see it gets misused.

You can explore the different areas and items interactively on the website, or you can download the report as a PDF and read locally, or print it out. There are links to all the items mentioned in the report (when applicable), so that each item can be checked further.

A few of the items in there I already use, such as Obsidian, steampipe and Quarto. Others, such as Ruff and Gitleaks quickly got added to the tool chain, and there are more I will have a look at, such as Logseq, DuckDB, and Spin.

You can find the contents of this bulletin and older ones, and more at Cloudgnosis.org. You will also find other useful articles around AWS automation and infrastructure-as-software.

Until next time,


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